Gluten-free review 3- Dietary Specials Tomato and Mozerella Deep Pan Pizza (frozen)

16 Apr

I can usually only find this product in Sainsbury’s. I think it’s very expensive, but then what g/f food isn’t? Their website describes it as “A gluten and wheat free deep pan pizza base, topped with creamy mozzarella cheese, juicy tomatoes and Italian herbs.”

I’d say- you can hardly get away with describing this as deep pan! It looks like a thin crust to me. The base is as dry as anything and so is the topping, no juicy tomatoes here- just a thin spread of puree and you can’t taste the herbs. I find this generally cooks to a dry, hard-going meal.

I’ve resorted to making my own pizzas- the Dietary Specials bases are the best, but if not Sainsbury’s Freefrom are great. Steer well clear of Tesco’s Freefrom though- they’re tiny- like the size of a teaplate and fall apart.

I’ll try and post up my recipe soon, but I’ve adapted the one from my D&K My First Cook Book! It’s basically tinned tomatoes, tomato puree, a teaspoon of brown sugar, seasoning and some mixed herbs. Cook that up on the hob for about 15mins and you’ll have a fantastically juicy tomato sauce which can be frozen for a quick topping on your next pizza. Then I simply add a sliced Value Mozeralla ball and a bit of grated cheddar. You can’t beat this pizza!

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