Product Review- Helen’s Brilliant Scone Mix

22 Apr

Currently, I can only find this in Sainsbury’s. I was lucky to find a reduced pack at my local store which is actually the reason I decided to try it. Overall, this is an excellent product and it gave a far superior result to my own homemade attempts which could only be described as stones! These come out light and fluffy and my husband couldn’t even tell they were gluten-free. I added the suggested addition of sultanas and really recommend you try this.

My one complaint is how salty they are. According to the packet- the sea salt is a raising agent. Being a baker and having studied Home Ec, I can’t understand this. They are so salty as to almost be off-putting, but it slightly disappears when you start to chew and then they become palatable. I may query this with the manufacturer, as it concerns me that they would be sending you over your Recommended Nutrient Intake (RNI) for salt.

I have bought another pack to try, though these were full price!

Follow-up (Jan 2013) I am now a regular buyer of this product. I queried the salt levels with the manufacturer and Helen herself replied. Unfortunately I couldn’t give them the batch number, as by this point I’d disposed of the packet. However she suggested I try another pack- I did and I’ve had no problem with a salty taste since 🙂 I’ve tried making my own gluten-free scones, but even with Xanthan gum they are heavy. Maybe I’ll get to play with my recipe sometime, but these are my store cupboard staple xxx


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