Gluten-free eating out on holiday in St Ives, Cornwall

16 Sep

Eating out is tricky at the best of times, so I Googled before leaving. My search came up with a few options and these are the ones I tried.

Becks Fish and Chips, Longstone Hill, Carbis Bay, St Ives, Cornwall. Really oddly they don’t advertise the G/F option anywhere in their takeaway section that I could see, so I had to ask. But they straight away knew what I was asking, confirmed that the fish is fried in separate oil and that they serve it EVERY night they’re open- not just Wednesdays here! 😉 You don’t know how long I’ve been hanging out to have a proper fillet of fish, let alone one from a fish shop. You can choose your fish too- cod, plaice, haddock, saithe or hake. I had the hake, though I must admit I think battering takes away its delicate flavour. I can’t recommend this place highly enough- if only I lived locally. They couldn’t believe that I didn’t have the same options at home.

The Tea Room, Wharf House, St Ives, TR26 1PG. This place took a little bit of finding, but was well worth it. I had my first ever G/F cream tea- the scones were great. Much better than any homemade or packet effort I have made. I have taken tips from them and I’ll let you know the results, next time I’m baking scones. They swear by Doves Farm G/F Self- Raising Flour and Xanthan Gum. Don’t work the dough to much, barely touch it or roll it out and make them bigger, as they shrink when cooking. They also have G/F cakes on offer, though I was too full to sample them.

Both of these places are 5*.


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