Product review Marks and Spencer gluten free sandwiches, London

23 Sep

I’d heard recently that M&S had started making sandwiches and they were available in some stores. On a recent trip to London, I’d eaten all my packed lunch and was still hungry. Looking around desperately for something G/F to eat, my husband spotted these lurking on the bottom shelf of M&S Simply Food at Waterloo Station. I had a choice of cheese and pickle or ham salad.
I fancied ham salad, but pay careful attention to the ‘Use By’ dates. The first pack I selected was out of date! They are also very expensive at £3.50 for a pack of 2 sandwiches, but needs must sometimes! I think they make their own bread which is said on the pack was a seeded brown made with Quinoa. I was pleasantly surprised by these sandwiches- there was plenty of ham in them, salad consisting of lettuce, tomato and cucumber and even gluten free mustard which gave them a delightful tang. There was just the right amount of feeling to bread and they were moist, delicious and satisfying.

Well done M&S, but maybe you could bring the price down to bring them within the reach of more consumers!

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