Glutenfree eating at Wagamama’s

30 Sep

Yesterday was my 2nd trip to pan- Asian restaurant Wagamama’s. I wasn’t disappointed, upon mentioning my dietary requirements to my server, I was immediately presented with a special menu detailing exactly what I could and could not have. I was able to easily make my choice and choose from the main menu, quite a novelty!
I was a little disappointed that Itame wasn’t listed as G/F this time. It was a few months ago when I visited and I really can’t see anything on the ingredients list that would prevent you from having it. Their website offers conflicting information, so maybe it was just the branch I visited. However, I decided to play it safe and instead had Saien Soba (minus the Waga seasoning and swapping wheat noodles for rice, simple!) In my opinion it could do with a little more flavour, probably due to the omission of the seasoning. But it was still yummy, a lovely light meal. I really think that Japanese cuisine is lovely, healthy and tasty. A shame that the chef decided to add the tough end of the asparagus though- didn’t add anything to it. It was my first experience of eating tofu and I can’t say I’d want to eat it fried again.
It’s so nice to be able to choose pretty much any dish in a restaurant and feel like any other guest. I highly recommend Wagamama’s.


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