Product review- Warbutons Newburn Bakehouse 2 White Baguettes

28 Mar

WOW. In short, these are incredible! I used to enjoy fresh crusty bread before my gluten-free days and would often make my sandwiches using French Stick. Well, now I can enjoy those days again! These have all the texture of crusty French stick on the outside and soft, chewy deliciousness on the inside. As someone else said, they don’t quite have the flavour of a normal French stick, but then they couldn’t- that comes from the wheat. I’ve heard others say that they thought these had a funny taste. I don’t know what they were talking about! I’ve enjoyed mine with soup, with cheese and salad filling. Then, I whipped out to Tesco’s to buy another pack- imagine which fillings I’ll be trying next! I could even make my own garlic bread. The possibilities are endless. Again, these are expensive- at £2.35 for two in my local store, so they will have to be a treat only.Image

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