Product review- Warbutons Newburn Bakehouse Morning Muffins

28 Mar

Well, this is my final review of the new Warbutons range. I’ve really enjoyed trying out their new products and I hope you find my reviews helpful in making your buying decisions.

The morning muffins come in a two pack and are basically sponge cake flavoured with golden syrup and raisins. They are handy for taking in a packed lunch as they are sturdy and well packed in little corrugated cardboard cases. I liked the flavour of the golden syrup, although I did find it quite sweet- too sweet for me I think. There was just the right amount of raisins in each cake and the presentation was excellent.

In my own humble opinion, I felt they were on the dry side and I wouldn’t be persuaded to buy these, for that reason and because I can make better cakes myself for far less. They cost ¬£2.00 per pack, that’s 2 servings. I could probably make an entire cake for the same amount that would last 2 people for a week and it would taste better.

If you can’t bake, then maybe these will be for you. But I’d urge you to try out my sponge cake recipe- it’s so simple and you’ll get a MUCH better result. You’ll never eat a shop-bought cake again!


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