Product review- Warbutons Newburn Bakehouse Seeded Loaf

28 Mar

I’ve been munching my way through a variety of Warbutons products. I was really excited by this loaf, as I love seeded bread and usually buy the Genius one. This one excited me more because it was brown, not white. I was right in my assumptions, the Warbutons loaf did have all the extra taste that comes from the brown flour. It had just the right amount of seeds and was light and airy. The only issue I had with this bread, is that it just fell apart, from the first to the last slices, with the exception of the crusts. It is extremely frustrating when you have a packed lunch or are trying to toast a whole slice, to lose half of it on the floor! Especially with the price of gluten-free products.

I have been looking for these in my local Tesco, so that I can compare it with another loaf- maybe it was just a one off (although I’ve heard others have the same complaint). But they’re always sold out at the moment. I will look forward to trying it again, as the flavour was excellent and it does make great toast! Thickly spread with butter, mmmmm yummy!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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