Product Review- Warbutons Seed Wraps and Seeded Baguettes

16 Sep

I apologise for the delay in this post, for some reason it’s been sat there as a draft and didn’t publish. You were meant to get this over a month ago!

I recently received some Warbutons seeded wraps and seeded baguettes to review. If you check back through my older posts you’ll note I reviewed the white wraps and baguettes when they came out. Well, if you’re health conscious or enjoy seeds, then maybe these are the products for you? I was certainly looking forward to trying them because I’ve always enjoyed seeded products. These seem to be the same price as the previous incarnations of these products (which still exist by the way!) So they’re still very expensive and should only be viewed as occasional treats, IMHO.I have to say I was expecting more flavour to be given to these products by the seeds and I can’t say I noticed any difference to the standard versions. However, the texture is excellent for both and they allow you to enjoy foods you wouldn’t have been able to previously. So I’d like to give them my stamp of approval! I look forward to hearing your comments, if you’ve tried them out 🙂

I’d like to add, I’ve become a very big fan of the seeded loaf since writing this. It really is THE BEST gluten-free bread out there!

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