Product Review- Genius Gluten-Free Crumpets Vs. M&S Made Without Wheat Crumpets

18 Jan

Gluten free 002

Well, I recently discovered Gluten-Free Crumpets. Oh how I had missed teatime or breakfast treats like these! There seem to be only two on the market, in stores near to me anyway. Genius which retails at its cheapest at £1.68 for a 4 pack, usually in Asda and at it’s most expensive at £2.19 a packet in Sainsbury’s! So now you know where you should be going to buy them! Whilst they certainly look the part (sorry I don’t have a photo, I’ve eaten them all!) they have a very strong yeasty taste which I find rather of putting. They also don’t quite have the right texture, you know you get that grassy bit in normal crumpets, well Genius’s are all a bit too mushy for me. I can’t get them to crisp up, even after toasting them twice.

On the other hand, this week I found that M&S carried their own brand crumpets, so I bought a couple of packs to try because I found them marked down to £1 a pack (4pk). They are divine! To be honest, you wouldn’t know they weren’t normal crumpets and that’s some achievement I think. There’s no over-powering yeasty flavour and the texture if perfect, exactly like normal crumpets. They also toast up wonderfully and go nice and crisp. So, if you’re going to spend money on gluten-free crumpets, I say go for the best and get M&S! Even if it means a special trip. I will be buying only these from now on, as a special treat.


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