Product Review- Perkier Tiffin & Rocky Road

26 Feb

Perkier 001

I spotted these gluten-free delights reduced in my local Tesco, so I thought I’d give them a go. Rocky road and tiffin are normally my favourite sweet treats.

Rocky Road (normal price £1.00 per 65g)- thse brightly packaged bars look attractive and I liked the clear information about ingredients. I was really looking forward to enjoying one with my nightly hot chocolate. I’m afraid I was sorely disappointed- they are so bland, all the flavours just merge together. I didn’t like the texture either, the biscuit is soft, not crunchy like you’d expect. The marshmallows are small and hard, with little flavour and very chewy. Frankly, I could make better myself at home and at a far cheaper price. I think these would be better with the addition of cornflakes or rice crispies since gluten-free biscuit often does seem to go soft, for example, if you try to make a cheesecake base with it. They also need something to break up all the blandness and sweetness- where is the dried fruit or nuts? Maybe they were worried about introducing other allergens? Well, some more flavoursome chocolate would go a long way- maybe plain? Apparently these are made with Belgian Milk Chocolate- you could have fooled me, tastes more like chocolate flavoured cake covering!

Tiffin (normal price £2 per 175g)- whilst this was marginally better than the product above, it suffered from the same sickly sweet, blandness. Again, none of the promised ‘crunchy’ biscuit, just soft stuff. The honeycomb added the tiniest amount of flavour, but you’d expect more. the raisins seemed to get lost too. I’d have to say that I think the quality of the ingredients is what has let these bars down because I can make similar products at home which taste far better. However, it certainly does have some perky, bright packaging in a handy re-sealable tub. These would be great for sharing or keeping at work.

Sorry Perkier, but I can see why so many of your products have been axed by Tesco and end up being reduced. They need some serious revision before people will pay those kind of prices. For food lovers- currently, I think not!


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