Review of the New Additions to the Newburn Bakehouse/ Warbutons Range

28 Apr



Warbutons have very kindly sent me another box of their wonderful gluten-free goodies to review. As you will know if you read this blog regularly, I am already a fan. Included in this pack was:

Seeded Loaf

Cracker Thins with Chilli

Cracker Thins with Blue Cheese

Seeded Wraps

French Sticks

Sandwich Thins


I started with the Cracker Thins with Chilli, as I wouldn’t have bought these for myself. It was unfortunate that the packaging doesn’t seem to be adequate, as they were totally smashed up and in pieces.



They are however exceptionally tasty with a real kick of chilli, that certainly stays with you afterwards! I enjoyed them with cheese, but I would like to try these with dips too. I have yet to try the blue cheese ones, as they aren’t something that appeals to me. But I will duly taste them in due course and let you know my thoughts!

The seeded loaf, as ever- is fantastic for toast or sandwiches and the seeds give it a depth of taste that other gluten-free breads just don’t have. The sandwich thins are just perfect for lunch boxes and I now prefer them to bread. I find they always hold together, don’t go soggy or dry out. I love the French Sticks, they always feel like a treat to me- when else do we get to enjoy crusty bread?! I enjoy them with soup or sausages and ketchup- rather like a gluten-free hotdog! The wraps are a favourite of mine, instead of sandwiches. But you can also view my older posts for some other recipe ideas for them.

Overall, I feel that Newburn Bakehouse/ Warbuton’s have excelled themselves with their current range. I can’t wait to see what they bring out next. 

Let me know what you think 🙂


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