Product Review- Too Good to be Gluten Free- NO.G Vegetable Open Top Pie

21 Jan

We recently moved back to an area where we can receive Ocado deliveries again. They do have an excellent selection of products available, including those I am unable to obtain elsewhere. I spotted these pies whilst browsing their selection and decided to try one. Actually, my first choice was the Bacon and Leek pie but it was out of stock for when I wanted my delivery. So I opted for this one, as it was actually the only one in stock!

Well, it turned out to be a pretty good choice! I popped the pie in the freezer upon receipt of my delivery, since I didn’t want to eat it immediately. I find pies are a good stand-by to have in the freezer, for days when I’m working. I’d checked their Facebook page where they’d advised that although it’s not currently stated on the packaging, you can freeze their pies. You simply need to add 10 minutes to the reheating time. (Apparently they’re in the process of getting their packaging updated). I’m sorry there’s no picture of the actual pie- I was hungry and it disappeared FAST!


This pie is hands down the most delicious I’ve ever tasted! I liked the fact that it was an open-top pie, as I sometimes find lidded pies are too substantial for me to finish. This pie had a delicious creamy sauce, not too thick and flavoured with herbs. Inside the pie were tasty chunks of spinach, butternut squash and pepper. It was beautifully presented and tasted out of this world!

Now at £2.79 these are an expensive meal! However, they’re still 20p cheaper than the Clive’s pies I also like. Although I’d say you get more for your money with Clive’s, as they have a lid and I think are generally larger, with more filling. However, really this pie was very simple- upon reading the ingredients list. So I may be having a go at inventing my own version. When I get it right, I will of course, be sharing the recipe right here on Glutenfreeness!

Meanwhile, should you need a quick and convenient meal- I heartily recommend this NO.G pie and I look forward to trying more from their range. I understand they are also available in some Sainsbury’s stores- although I haven’t seen them near me!


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