Birthday treats!

20 May

It’s my Birthday and I make an exception to my normal rule of making it myself on such an occasion.

Birthday dessert courtesy of M&S. Belgian Chocolate Jaffa Spheres- Dark chocolate mousse with an orange marmalade centre dipped in dark Belgian chocolate. These were recommended by the shop assistant are were out of this world. Very decadent & rich, but worth the £4 for 2 for a special occasion. Didn’t see those 25% off gluten-free product vouchers that have been talked about on various forums lately! 😦


Birthday afternoon tea at John Lewis, Southampton. They had a fantastic range of cakes to choose from, I plumped for this chocolate cake but I was spoilt for choice (how unusual!) I can’t remember all their offerings now, but there were also chocolate brownies, another large cake, Honeybuns cakes and chocolate covered rice cakes if you wanted something lighter. This slice was £3.50, but was enough to feed two! I had a free hot drink and cake voucher and so did my mum, so all this cost nothing!


One Response to “Birthday treats!”

  1. Emily Chirico May 22, 2015 at 9:13 pm #

    Mmm, it all looks yummy, especially those truffles. Happy Birthday!

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