Product Review- Newburn Bakehouse by Warbutons 6 Mini Wholegrain Wraps

16 Oct

IMG_2861 IMG_2862

The very kind folks at Newburn Bakehouse by Warbutons recently sent me a pack of their new Mini Wholegrain Wraps to review, on Glutenfreeness. The whole reason I started this blog is to help those needing to eat gluten free choose the best options out there. So I will give you my completely honest and unbiased opinion.

They come in a mini version of their plastic bags which are re-sealable. This is dead handy as you can keep them fresh either in the bread bin or in the freezer. The wraps I was sent had a long best before date of around a week. Newburn Bakehouse state that these contain ‘Ancient Grains’ and like me, you may be wondering what that means. They have a helpful explanation on the back of the packet- the ingredients include; Quinoa, Sorghum, Teff, Brown Rice & Maize.

Quinoa has recently featured a lot as a superfood as it contains all of the 9 amino acids the body needs.  If you’re not sure what they are, I will dredge up a little information from my school days when I studied Food & Nutrition A-Level. Amino acids are the building blocks of the human body, as lots of our cells, muscles & tissues are made up of them. They make up proteins and a protein containing all 9 Amino Acids is said to be complete.

Teff is an African grain and some are saying it could be ‘the answer’ to world hunger. It also has an excellent balance of Amino Acids and a nutty flavour. It is also high in calcium & iron.

Sorghum is another grain and it is high in zinc. It is a very adaptable crop and grows well, even in drought ridden places. It has a slightly sweet flavour and is often made into porridge. Whilst maize and brown rice are grains which I think we will all be familiar with. It’s good to see that the whole grain has been used as this should lead to a steadier energy release.

On to the wraps themselves which I know you’re dying to hear about! They are a convenient size for children I would say! As an adult, I found them fiddly to work with and I would rather use the large wraps and cut them into two. You get more filling that way. I used them to make spicy bean fajitas and they are so small, it was impossible to fold them up to contain the filling.

I found the flavour ‘interesting’, to be honest I didn’t enjoy the taste much and I suspect it was the Teff flour. I might get used to this over time, but given the slightly odd flavour and impractical size, I wouldn’t be rushing out to purchase these for myself. However they are soft and floury, just like the larger plain and seeded versions.

To use them up, I made myself some very thin & crispy cheese & tomato pizzas, one lunchtime. These were tasty, but again- that odd flavour overpowered them and it spoilt my enjoyment of the meals.

I would love to hear what you think, if you have tried them. Did you like the taste? What did you make with them?


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