Product Review – Tesco Finest Frozen Toffee, Chocolate and Pecan Meringue Stack

30 Dec

I was fortunate enough to receive some lovely free frozen desserts via The Orchard at Tesco. It helped to make Christmas a little more stress-free, as I could stash them in the freezer in advance. I chose to receive a Meringue Stack and Pavlova, both of which are gluten-free.

I saved them for a family gathering between Christmas and New Year because no-one wants to be preparing yet more food at that time of year. One of the desserts I selected was a gorgeous Tesco Finest Toffee, Chocolate and Pecan Meringue Stack. It was every bit as appetising as it sounds and beautifully presented. And foolishly, I should’ve taken a ‘before’ picture because it disappeared in a flash before I could snap a photo! I blame having other things on my mind at Christmas.

The meringues and cream were even caramel flavoured and were a delicate coffee colour. There was the perfect amount of chocolate swirls, pecans and caramel sauce to balance with the meringue and cream. The best part was that we just had to take it out of the freezer 2 1/2 hours beforehand and it actually looked homemade! For £4 it was a real bargain and it would easily feed 8 people.

Look out for the Raspberry Pavlova review coming soon!

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