Product Review – Sainsbury’s FreeFrom Fresh Bakery Gluten Free Seeded French Baton

1 Apr


I was doing my usual supermarket shop this week, when I noticed this particular Sainsbury’s Store had signs up along the shelves of the FreeFrom section. They were asking customers if they had tried their new fresh, bakery selection of gluten-free products. Well, these are/were news to me! I had to give one a try to report back to you.

I chose this Seeded Baton as it was the perfect partner for the M&S Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup, I had just picked up. In the days of old (aka when I ate gluten), fresh bread was always the highlight of my day. Well, we all know that gluten-free bread is never quite going to live up to the taste and smell of fresh, normal bread. But although this baton is bland because gluten-free flours don’t have the same flavour as wheat, it’s better than any of the packet ones I’ve ever tried. It seemed to contain Pumpkin seeds, well I thought I recognised their distinguished green colour. The bread was soft and doughy, just like normal bread. It doesn’t quite have the crispy crust of a normal French stick, but it’s not too far off. I have to say that I really enjoyed it and at £1.50 it’s no worse than buying a long-life packet one. I thought the texture of the bread was much better than a long-life option, it had more substance!

I will definitely be returning to my local store, where they also had small dinner rolls, small brown loaves and small white loaves. They are all individually wrapped and labelled, but I don’t know how they are prepared. But one would assume that they have to follow stringent cross-contamination guidelines in order to label these as gluten-free? I certainly felt no ill-effects after eating one. But they are on the shelves next to all the other normal, bakery products.

Have you seen these in your local store? How did you find them? Would you buy again?


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