Product Review – Jusroll Gluten-Free Puff Pastry

10 Jul

You may remember that I wrote about Jusrol introducing a gluten-free pastry here. Well, I FINALLY found it in the shops! I decided to use it to replace my homemade pastry in my Potato, Leek & Cheese Pie to save a little time and see how it fared.

What a disappointment! I will never waste my money on this again. It comes ready-rolled around a cardboard spiral, but it’s very thin. It was easy enough to place on top of my pie filling, but it was so thin, I was barely able to crimp the edges. I brushed it with milk, as I  usually would to add some colour. But as you can see, it went far too dark in the required cooking time because it’s too thin. Ultimately it was extremely crisp and flavourless.

As for calling this puff pastry, it is not – it’s like a shortcrust, only there’s no substance to it at all. There was possibly 1 layer in the pastry, but even that was questionable. At £2 a packet, it’s 30% more expensive than making my own pastry as listed in that recipe. And it’s not a patch on the homemade version plus you are eating all manner of ingredients that you wouldn’t find in a homemade pastry, including preservatives. Although, they are pretty natural considering but no butter- so none of that flavour.

The pie went from being a substantial meal that I would normally get 8 portions from, to something that left us hungry and would only get 6 portions from. All in all, yes it is a time saver but it’s not a patch on taking the time to make your own. It’s considerably poorer value, as it’s more expensive and doesn’t stretch to as many portions.


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