Product Review- Mannavida Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls Kit

11 Jul

These are the worst gluten-free purchase ever, I can’t believe I fell for the hype. I bought these at a local Coeliac Food Fair for £5. Yes, they are very expensive, but apparently they have won awards! As you know from all the other posts on my blog; I am an experienced gluten-free baker, so I know what I’m doing.

I followed the instructions exactly and spooned into the cases provided. Left to rise as instructed, nothing happened. Left to rise for longer, still no rise. I thought, oh well- I’ll have to bake them anyway. They went in looking grey and holey and that’s exactly how they came out. Ugh!

Then, I tried as per the instructions to remove them from the cases whilst they were still hot. They stuck, I tried to prise them out with a knife with little success. They were soft on the underside, so I put them back in to crisp up, again as per the instructions. They barely crisped up at all. I think the manufacturer should re-think the picture on the box, as they should be done for false advertising. I will be sending a lengthy complaint to the manufacturer and I will let you know the outcome. They look inedible and not in any way appetising. They are tasteless, but do have a reasonable chewy texture but with no crust. Please save yourself the time, trouble and money – DO NOT BUY THESE.


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